“Carol Rial is a wonderful editor. She is also a wonderful teacher. (Ask her students at Hunter.) I would recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in either role. By the way, no writer wants to admit he or she has an editor. I confess on Stella in Heaven she wouldn’t let me get away with anything.”
— Art Buchwald, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author

“Carol is one of the most thoughtful and engaged editors we’ve worked with. Her ability to understand and work with the overall structure and logic of a manuscript, her superb sense of tone and style, and her careful line editing skills result in clean and elegant manuscripts.”
— Valerie Tomaselli, President, MTM Publishing

“Carol offered the kind of guidance a writer desperately needs, namely how to use one’s own voice and intuition to get past creative hurdles. She made me aware of details and their power to reveal layers of meaning. Carol Rial is an ideal collaborator, editor and advisor.
— Andre Degas, filmmaker

“After many years working as a correspondent in Vietnam and with the UN High Commission for Refugees, the time had come for me to record my adventures. What emerged was a blob of massive proportions. Through working with me to cut out the “blah, blah, blah,” Carol was aptly ruthless, and I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. Actually, I think she is a magician. Watch, and with a sleight of hand she makes the worst of writing disappear.”
— Alexander Casella, former director for Asia/UNHCR

“Without Carol’s help, I would not have been able to win a near-million dollar federal grant, a rare honor in the field of humanities. As a non-native speaker of English, I have worked with many editors but Carol is the one who has helped me win, in 2010, funding consistently. The success rate is 100 percent, five out of five! (My department chair said, “Please stop Der-lin from getting so many grants!”) It is really a blessing that I found Carol. I recommend her to anyone working on a grant proposal.”
— Der-lin Chao, Professor, Hunter College

Working with Carol has changed my life. In less than nine months I have written chapters of my first novel, had an essay accepted for publication, and even participated in a reading. I’ve learned that it’s okay to spend time on my writing, and myself. Thanks to Carol’s wisdom and support, I feel courageous, creative and confident”
— Bethany Chaney, writer

“Carol's writing workshop inspired and motivated me to find direction on my writing projects.  She brings an infectious passion for writing to the group, as well as a deep understanding of the issues involved in creating memoir that is both honest and entertaining.”
— Paul Daiter, artist