“With the support of Carol’s sage counsel, I have launched a more focused campaign to market my novel and started a new writing project. I also made a huge leap forward in my career, doubling my salary. Her coaching is better than massage. After each session I feel hopeful, reinvigorated – convinced I can do anything – and, frankly, 18 again. She’s amazing. It’s like yoga for the brain.”
—Kristin Hart, Writer/Librarian

  • Writing collaboration.
    I offer collaborative writing or ghost writing manuscripts and book proposals.
  • Line editing and rewriting.
    I edit for clarification, plot structure, consistent tone and voice, and elegant prose.
  • Proposal preparation.
    I help you write a clear, attention-grabbing proposal and pitch.
  • Manuscript and screenplay evaluation.
    I send you a long, detailed critique, as well as advice on agents, publishers and production companies.
  • Script analysis.
    Professional coverage according to film industry standards or coverage more tailored to your particular needs.
  • Coaching.
    In the light of my professional coach training and experience, I am eager to support you in your writing endeavors, serving as an accountability partner to reach your goals.

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